Sample Caroline County documents on file

A. P. Hill map of land owners before World War II – Caroline County Historical Society
Census records and demographics
Court records 1742-1833
Extant marriage register 1866-1968
Family genealogy
Freemen 1865-1872
Lost marriage register 1854-1865
Hay, Thomas Robson
Homes and gardens
Land tax lists 1802-1979

Magruder, John Bankhead, Maj. Gen. C.S.A.
Maps and plats
Marriage records 1787-1810
Marriage 1777-1853
Minute Books of County Court 1781-1804
Postcards and photographs
Probate and Other Records 1781-1790
Wermeyer genealogy collection
Will Book 1793-1897
Will and Plat Book 1742-1840
Will Book 19 1814-1818
WPA Historical Surveys 1930’s